Hotel Alto De La Palma

An idyllic hotel in the countryside close to the country’s capital Bogota.

This beautiful project required full restoration and new additions to this derelict country house. A new roof, all the floors and windows replaced. The stunning blue exterior was achieved with natural mineral pigment paint which reflects the changing tropical light from morning to dusk creating different tonalities to the color.

To create bar and restaurant spaces, we extended the existing “columns” on the facade down to the level below (which was previously for garages) to create elegant French doors. Daringly, a tunnel was excavated under the building to link the new bar and restaurant.

Five suites and five bedrooms, each one individually decorated, were arranged over the floors and a stunning swimming pool dug into the slope of the hillside behind the house. Add a talented English chef and an outgoing Englishman front of house into the mix and needless to say the hotel became quite the place to escape the chaos of city life.