Baluster Round Dining Table


This beautiful and solid dining table will become the heart of your home.  Where your family and friends will gather round for wonderful occasions and everyday meals.     Hand-made in European Oak, the Baluster Table can be made in bespoke diameters so you can have the perfect size for your home.

This table shown is 180cm diameter and finished in Light Taupe with a gentle 20% sheen.

We use a great contemporary lacquer that enables you to use the table with confidence that it will perform perfectly for you.

The top has a hand-planed surface which gives it a very subtle “ripple”.  This one has a border around the outside divided into four segments with decorative pegs.  And, between this border and the beautiful central boards is a smart “inlay” narrow band that can be coloured a contrast colour.

That central column to the base, what can we say, wow!  The square pedestal  with its’ strong form and gentle curves is the perfect shape to hold up the gorgeous thick top.

The Baluster  Table starts from £5,800 for the smaller size.

So, whether it is in a country villa in the Italian countryside or in your home in Dear Old Blighty, you will love this table for life.

Call or email me directly and I will create a Tuscan table just for you.

Call – 07771 684088

Email – [email protected] 

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