Orangeries And Conservatories

Living under glass is a wonderful thing.

One of the most exciting ways to enhance your home and introduce more natural light is by including a conservatory or orangery to your home.

They are increasingly being designed as an integral part of the house as an addition to the ground floor living spaces.

Whether it’s for a kitchen that opens out on to the garden or a space to while away the evenings under the stars, there’s certainly something special to be said about living under a glass roof.  A space that bridges the gap between interior and exterior.  A warm, sunlight-filled room that can be used throughout the year, regardless of the weather outside.

So, how best to decorate it?

Creating these spaces requires a special understanding of the effect of sunlight and how different materials perform in this unique environment.

At David Wilder we have many years of experience designing beautiful interiors for conservatories and orangeries all over the UK.

David provided full interior design for one of the UK’s most prestigious manufacturers of glass buildings and this experience is crucial to our understanding and implementation of this specialist service.

The sevices include:
  • Room layout and scale design – so you get the most from your space.
  • Flooring design – you will have beautiful bespoke stone or wood floors.
  • How to shade – creative design solutions to keeping a space cool.
  • Interior design – drawing on our founder’s expertise and knowledge of how to use the appropriate materials that perform well under glass.
  • Planting – bringing the outdoors indoors to blur the line between the two.
  • Lighting Design – we will light your room beautifully.


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