Decorating Tip – effects with paint

Decorating Tip – effects with paint

Uneven ceiling lines? Are the house’s lines not as sharp as the scheme requires?

This is a great tip to change the look of a room without total redecorating and to even out sloping and “wavy” ceilings.

1 – Using painter’s masking tape, create a border around the wall. I always do this by eye as the is no point in measuring ceilings that are not true. I say “if it looks straight by eye then it is correct!”

2 – Paint the boarder with ‘gentle” layers of paint – so you do not have excessive build-up of paint on the tape as this will leave a ridge on the border.

3 – When the paint is “touch dry”, carefully remove the tape. TOP TIP – when removing the tape, pull it gently back on itself, a full 180 degree in the opposite direction this will avoid lifting any original paint off of the wall.

As you can see below, the effect is super sharp and stylish. It creates an unexpected design detail.

Here I have used the technique in a small hall to give the illusion that the wall is “further away” which gives the appearance that the room is larger.

See, you don’t always have to “paint to the edges”!