The Process

The Brief

Our first meeting is all about asking questions and listening.
It is where I discover what it is you are looking for what it needs to do for you and how you want it to look.

Ideally, this would be a home visit to get the best idea of the space and style of your home.
They can be held remotely of course if needed or you could visit my studio.

We will discuss style and function looking at samples and inspiration to create the brief.
Then, once we have the plan, I will get to work on the drawing board.

Home Visit

A visit to your home is best when designing bespoke furniture as it allows me to gain a deep understanding of the space, its dimensions, and the overall aesthetic.

By being physically present, I can assess the existing furniture, decor, and architectural elements, ensuring the new pieces harmonize seamlessly with the surroundings.

Additionally, a home visit enables us to engage and find a synergy discussing your preferences, lifestyle, and functional requirements, leading to personalized, tailor-made beautiful furniture.

Concept Drawings

After our initial meeting and brief, I will produce concept designs for you. I do this by hand.

Hand-drawn concept design drawings hold a unique artistic charm that digital renderings often struggle to capture. And, as a draughtsman, I can create scale drawings too.

I prefer the artistry of producing drawings to convey ideas, moods, and intricate details.

These drawings serve as an essential communication tool, allowing you to visualize the design vision more vividly, more organically, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the concept.
You can almost see the hands of the Craftspeople who will make the furniture.

Once we have these approved, we then are ready to quote and order. At this point a deposit is taken and the workshops commence their process for us.

Final Designs

The workshop technician produces CAD working drawings for us to check and approve.

Samples and finishes are provided where needed.

If fabrics are involved, say for a sofa, I manage all the logistics for you.

We now are ready for the production process of your furniture.


I personally oversee every piece of furniture that is in production. It is what I do and love.

Overseeing every phase of the production process of bespoke furniture is essential to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

By closely monitoring each step, from material selection to construction and finishing, potential issues can be identified and resolved promptly, resulting in a flawless end product.

Additionally, overseeing the production process allows for effective collaboration with the craftspeople, ensuring that the design intent is meticulously translated into reality and that every intricate detail aligns with your expectations.

Delivery & Installation

This last part is just as important as all the stages before it.

I work with excellent people who know the importance of careful handling of fine furniture and the respect required when installing it into your home.

They understand that the delivery experience is part of your overall experience and satisfaction of buying bespoke British furniture.

You will often see me here at this stage too!


Excellent aftercare post-delivery is of paramount importance to me as it reflects the commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term relationship building.

It allows for timely addressing of any concerns, ensuring prompt resolutions and peace of mind.

After all, trust and loyalty enhance the overall experience of everything including owning bespoke furniture.

It is one of the reasons that I normally move on to make furniture and interiors for the family and friends of my clients!

All of this process underlines my mantra –