About DWD

About DWD

You have arrived at this “About” page so you are likely wondering “Who is this person?” and more importantly, “Why should I consider commissioning him to create something for me?”

So please permit me to introduce myself properly to you. As a Furniture and Interior Designer, I work to the mantra and design philosophy of “Let us leave everything more beautiful than when we found it.” As a human, I replace the word “beautiful” with “better” as I believe that we are all here to help each other.

The pursuit of creative and intuitive design runs through me like the letters in a stick of seaside rock!
I love questions like: “How is that made? Why is it that way? “How can I improve on it?” And, “What original ideas can I create?”. It does make sitting still and relaxing rather difficult though!

A firm believer in taking care of things – both people, creatures, and the planet.
I have been on the planet for over five decades and think our footprints should be gentle and caring.
Let us leave a mark on the world and not a scar.

I love music, humor, and all things visual. I smile at dogs I meet and especially at our own Red Fox Lab called Ruby.

I am passionate about supporting British Industry and its Craftspeople.

Experience. (The long bit!)

35 years’ experience working in design and interiors, here in the UK and abroad.

I started young in a traditional apprenticeship and learnt the skill of technical drawing and industrial design.
This led to the love of drawing by hand to design furniture and illustrate interiors.

In my twenties came interior design and creative painting techniques.
Also, came the start of a decade living in South America where I converted a derelict house into a country hotel. Although being a hotelier gave me a good sense of client service, it was not my “everything”. (pero hablo Español!)

In the pursuit of “design fulfilment”, I looked elsewhere for creative outlets.
That took me to TV Production, working my way to Art Director for Television & Film.

Designing sets for TV and music videos taught me how to design beautiful spaces that “work” viewed from any angle.
I learnt so much from the people around me about their crafts too. The Directors of Photography on how to light a space and change the mood. The Directors on the practicality of how to move through and interact with a space.

Back in the UK, I created and set up an interior design department for one of the UK’s most prestigious glass building architects and manufacturers.

After, Head of Design for one of the UK’s leading furniture manufacturers working in Vietnam, England and the US.
Vietnam, designing furniture collections and overseeing the development and production.
(I can highly recommend traveling to Vietnam.)
England – designing bespoke furniture for residential and commercial clients.

So, decades and hundreds of designs later, I am proud and humbled that thousands of homes worldwide own a piece of my furniture and some have an interior created by me.

At the end of 2019 I gathered up the sum of the above experience and knowledge and set up DWD.
It has been and continues to be, a complete joy.

DWD – David Wilder Designs

“The Furniture Tailor”.
DWD is all about creating fine bespoke furniture tailored to your exact measurements and style.

Your furniture will be made in English workshops by talented craftspeople who share my passion for quality and design. And, always mindful of the Environment that we all live in.

I am independent so I can work with the workshops and talent that best suit the designs created bespoke for you.

I do not have a showroom so I can produce furniture without the added expenses of costly overheads associated with one.

Making British-made furniture better value for you.

DWD is a personal service. So, for example, if you order dining chairs, I will bring a chair to you to try.
If it needs tailoring to your needs then we make it to measure.

The past thirty-odd years have given me a deep understanding of how things are constructed, and an innate ability to design and create furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Completing your home with my Interior Design Service.
My passion for design and instinctive sense of space planning means that, together, we can create beautiful unique spaces for your home.

Naturally, it is key that we find our synergy and that you enjoy the creative process as much as I enjoy my work.
This is a privilege and responsibility that I do not take for lightly nor for granted.

Interior Design for Those without Homes.

David Wilder Design supports Crisis, working together to end homelessness.

Dear Visitor,
You and I are fortunate to have a place that we can call “Home”. Too many are not so fortunate.
We have all had a “helping hand” at some point in either our professional or private lives.
I am a firm believer in extending our hands out where we can, to those who need them.

That is why a percentage of profit is donated to the charity Crisis.

I am proud to say that, through designing your perfect home, we can also provide the chance for someone else to call a place their “Home” too.

Afterall, we are all here to help each other.

Many thanks.

Should you wish to help those experiencing homelessness by making a donation, just click on the logo below and find out how: