Provincial Credenzas Ham Common

This house features an unusual circular dining room so it required something special to sit with a bespoke circular dining table that we also made for the client. These two beautiful credenzas were commissioned to give the appearance of antique pieces that had been painted over the years and to give practical storage for a busy home.

Soft lighting inside the units washes the room very gently with warm light when the doors are opened. They are hand-painted in a soft sage color with a warm white brushed over the top and then lacquered in a soft sheen.
The interior is painted in a warm white solid lacquer to give the full effect of the interior lighting. The tops are oak finished in a beautiful soft Light Taupe and Limed. I think this pair of credenzas really symbolizes the marvelous talent and craftsmanship that we have here in Great Britain and I am very proud of the finished pieces.