“He is exceptional all round.” Victoria Hancock – Designer – Fibonacci Group.

David is one of those unusual creatures, he is truly authentic, unlike many of his tribe. He is the real deal. His talent, his skills, his experience and the cumulative abilities he brings to any client are rare. They result in spaces & places unfailingly uplifting.
He is an artist. He is a hands on furniture designer. He is a draughtsman. He is a stylist. He designs restaurants, hotels, stage sets as well as accepting residential and private commissions.
He enhances any scheme he is invited to join.
My careful work as a design & build architectural decorator, totally valid in its own right, is brought to life by David & his visions for how people will thrive from living in the environment he makes out of my spaces.  He is also extraordinarily nice and fun to work with. He is exceptional all round.                

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