Pisa Table Lamp

One of or favourites. This perfect little lamp, just as the tower that it is named after, attracts the eye most with its quirky angle.  So easy to place in many areas for light just where you need it.  

Size:  Height 48.3cm x Width11 cm

Shown with: 10″ Laminated Shade in Lily Linen – other colours available.


The table lamp is articulated, it is both graceful and playful in form. The inspiration is reflected in the name. The knuckle joint on the base and the joint at the top, allows the stem to be positioned in all directions, allowing a variation of lighting moods to be achieved.

The Pisa Table Lamp is fabricated from a base material of solid cast bronzed brass and the lamp’s components are also made in bronzed brass. The joint in the base and top are beautifully engineered to enable smooth movement when the stem is adjusted.

Available in a brass, bronze or nickel finish.

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